Building Possibilities

Imagine a new Montana PBS Public Media Center serving future generations

Looking to the Future

Our world is changing. Media is changing. Montana PBS needs to change too. Montana PBS must invest in new technology, new facilities, and programming to grow our audience beyond today’s weekly 250,000 viewers. Montana PBS risks becoming obsolete if we do not shape our content for future generations. To remain an essential media organization, Montana PBS must grow, to focus on more local community storytelling and expand our reporting on statewide issues.

The new Montana PBS Public Media facility will be a civic center where Montanans can participate in statewide dialogue, a hub for news and journalism, a homeroom for education and childhood development, and a creative nucleus for treasured Montana stories.

Public Facing

Our reputation for producing high-profile PBS programs, and Emmy Award-winning Montana films, requires space where we can grow and a facility that welcomes Montanans and reflects our commitment to excellence. A welcoming building will encourage the public to engage with us – in person and through technology – attract more donors and create a strong foundation of support well into the future. No matter where you live in Montana that increased support secures Montana PBS’s presence in your daily life. This inspiring public face will create a whole new way for Montana PBS to get the conversations started.

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Interior View

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Public Media Center

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Exterior Plaza View

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Keep Montana Informed

The Public Media Center will enhance Montana PBS’s journalistic capabilities with expanded production facilities and cutting-edge technology, including the emerging the NextGen TV broadcast standard. Montana PBS journalists will have the tools to host debates and town hall discussions, and produce regular news programs and investigative documentaries.

The new Montana PBS Public Media Center production studio is a model for efficiency. When not in use as a broadcast studio (shown above), it will double as a public screening and event space or as a university classroom.

Advance Education

We know that education doesn’t just take place in the classroom. That’s why Montana PBS invests in community outreach programs. We support parents, caregivers and teachers by helping them build confidence and learn new strategies for supporting the children in their lives. As using technology becomes the norm in homes and classrooms, we must focus on media literacy.

Montana PBS is in a unique position to train teachers and families, but we are limited by small staff size and inadequate space to host events. To inspire and engage learners across the state, Montana PBS must expand and improve our programs.

The Building Possibilities Campaign Will:

Strengthen Community Relationships

The Montana PBS Learning Gallery will host hands-on workshops for kids, teachers and parents focused on:

This adaptable, public space, will also host station fundraising and shared events with the MSU Film School and Black Box Theatre. As an informal gathering place for university students, it will encourage collaboration with our PBS professionals.

Learning Gallery

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Tell More Montana Stories

We live in a state renowned for its independent people, history, and many natural treasures. Montana PBS has established itself as a nationally recognized producer of high profile, Emmy Award-winning films. Imagine the untold stories that we will research, produce, and share when our facilities and technology meet our needs.

The Building Possibilities Campaign Will:

Engage Communities

The Public Media Center’s production studio will double as an event center, hosting performances, screenings, fundraising galas and more. This adaptable space will allow community members to gather and participate in conversations inspired by Montana PBS content. With offices at each of Montana’s flagship universities, our shared educational mission and institutional ties run long and deep. The Public Media Center will build on our commitment to serving higher education.

The Building Possibilities Campaign Will: